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Ever get overwhelmed for the joint bills after hanging out with friends?

Venmo Split Feature is a contextual design related to people's daily group shopping life, which is designed to get an easier experience to split bill. I constructed this project to showcase and demonstrate the possibilities of group bill on Venmo platform. Venmo has become one of the biggest paying tool in people's everyday life. It helps people in different ways, just image doubling the advantages with implementing Split Bill feature.



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Jane is an office worker that works in press, who just finished having dinner with her five girlfriends in a fancy restaurant on a Saturday night. The waiter told them that restaurant only accepts a maximum of two credit cards.

Jane decided to pay the bill first and her friends told her that they would transfer their individual bills to her later. Bills varied for all the people ordered different dishes, also both wine and sauvignon blanc were served.

It would take some time for these girls to figure out who owns Jane how much money plus the tax and tip. That night was fun, yet very late and Jane was so tired to deal with Maths.

Then after one month, other girls have been so busy with stuffed life, so Jane still hasn't got money and she is not happy about it.


Jack is a college student, majoring in Electrical Engineering, who currently lives in Santa Cruz, California with his other 3 classmates. They are busy with everyday study, especially when it comes to mid-terms and finals, which is why they eat in school cafe during weekdays and drive to San Jose to buy cooking materials during weekends.

Jacob loves beef and soda, somehow Jack loves vegetables and juice, they all love Kimchi. Jack is the one to pay the bill for all shopping things.

Yet it is so hard to accurately remember what things everyone bought and complicated to calculate the joint groceries. Days pass and Jack holds 5 receipts. He too is not happy about it.


According to the user case profile, I divided whole feature into two main flows:

Join Bills

Users would get a Bill Code which is consisted of 4 numbers that corresponds with specific bill. Users could choose they want to use this code to join an existing bill as the following flow shows:

venmo-join bills.png


If a bill holder would like to create a new bill, he or she should be able to send reminders through Venmo to contacts, if he or she does not know who should also be sharing the bill, a code would be generated for the holder to spread the bill via other contact platforms.

venmo-create bill.png