Product Manager Intern

During summer 2017, I completed a 12-week internship Product Manager internship with Microsoft Cortana Team at Microsoft’s Suzhou site. I was responsible for China Market user acquisition from investigating, conceptualizing and prototyping, enhancing from the end-to-end User Funnel (aka User Journey) we created for Cortana.

My Role

My responsibilities include attracting new users, driving user engagements. Throughout the duration of the project, I collaborated with Microsoft’s Product Managers, Designers, Developers and other stakeholders.

User Funnel

User Funnel



Background Data Analyzing

CN Market

CN Market

US Market

US Market


Problem Statement

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What we got in return

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 3.33.13 PM.png

Key Takeaways

Loyal Fans

Our fans are not just numbers. Cortana is an artificial intelligent, being a tool, I never would’ve thought that people are going to invest so much emotion into it. Fans are those people who care about how Cortana turns out and they remind us of making product better not only for business sake.

Cross Function

Teamwork is what matters the most to me when it comes to talking my ideas out loud. Not only did it give me new perspectives from different roles on team, but also help to get new inspirations on new problems. Solving problem in other people’s shoes are both challenging and fun.

Data Driven Strategy

Data is how we get to know our users behaviors. Market is changing and we need to dig deeper to find tackling point from choosing the right data, building models and transform them into capabilities. Applying this strategy helps me to get clear picture of what I am doing and how it turned out.


Different projects need different procedures to handle but we can also apply product thinking to every projects to better standardize the process, which could help following projects conduction better and quicker.